Request puppy

Please send an email to and write a little about yourself and what you want with your puppy; company, show, breeding and so forth.

If you stand in waiting-line or have booked a puppy I can provide video and photos.

Due to Covid-19 and I am an olderly person I cant have visits indoors so if you want to come I will allow my dogs outside my house.

Mothers of puppies lives here and most of the fathers to so you can see and visit both. However sometimes I use males from other kennels but then I have an agreement with them so that you can also visit them at the kennels.

I will never breed on a dog with any concerns in mentallity towards humans or behavoir problems. Never have and never will. If I would use a male from another kennel I can also provide videos from owners upon request.

My dogs are my whole world and I would never send anyone away if I had a doubt. I am old in cocker spaniel breeding and thats my only interest after I lost capacity of go Slalom down hill so I am very concerened about where my puppies land in their life and how I breed because I might not have the time to have as many litters and plans as I want.

So I only want serious request and I would very much like to have my puppies to have homes for company and very much I would like to choose out puppies on request to You if you want to breed or compete or track like nosework/hunting. If these are your critials please let me give you the chose of right puppy. I have a hearingaid so I prefer email to my email: or on form by contact on this webpage "contact" that comes to my email. 

Sincerly Björn Ericson at Rosinedal kennel. 


Delivery of puppy over 8 weeks or booked puppy under 8 weeks

Normally you can visit me by request but not during Covid-19 times so I can provide video and photos to see your puppy.

At picking up at my home you and me need to be outside to follow restrictions and you need a surgical mask around me and also when cuddling with dogs. I am an older person so distance is very much needed.

On request I might be able to offer delivery/pick up in middle of Sweden when a puppy is older than 8 weeks and all other puppies have left their mother. For this request I need to plan a couple of weeks before since I need my children or grandchildren to stay with my other dogs. 

/ Björn Ericson at Rosinedal kennel